Sweet & Savory Surprises

is there more to life than chocolate?

Hot temperatures make it very difficult for us to ship chocolate with confidence that it will arrive without melting, so this summer, we're exploring our savory as well as our sweet side. We'll still offer our seasonally-inspired, hand-made chocolates for purchase at the shop, but we're also firing up our pizza oven for delicious date nights and beautiful brunches. And, the results are delicious.

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Chef Gerard Klass on Thursday, August 9

Two seatings at 5:30 PM and 7:45 pm

One night each month, a new and notable guest chef will take over our wood-fired oven and kitchen, treating diners to a variety of cuisines and culinary approaches. Sourced from locally grown and raised ingredients, each menu is reflects the flavors of the season and the unique culinary vision of our guest chef. Learn more >



Sunday brunch all summer long

Sundays 10:00 am - 2:00 PM


Here's something new: Every Sunday through summer, we'll be serving our fresh and delicious pizzas with brunch-inspired toppings, such as scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and Nueske’s famous Applewood-smoked bacon. Or house-made breakfast sausage with southern-style gravy. Four varieties each Sunday from 10 am - 2 pm. 

We also are serving Mimosas and Sake Bloody Marys, as well as refreshing smoothies and cold drinks. Come give 'em a try!


Join us for wood-fired pizzas

FridayS & Saturdays 5:00 -8:30 pm


There's something especially appealing about food from the wood-fired oven. It might be the sizzle as the shop-made pizza dough hits the hot bricks to cook. Or the way the smoke curls over the glowing coals. Or the way fire-roasted meat,vegetables and even crispy crust just seem to have more flavor. It's authentic. Dare we say, even, primal?

Each weekend, we feature four different pizzas, ranging from foodie-inspired combinations to classic flavors, and always including a vegetarian option. Each pizza is made from fresh ingredients when you order it . All our flavors go great with a glass of wine, beer or soda.