It's too darn hot to ship.

Our chocolates are delicious and beautiful, but they don't like the warm weather. Our shipping service will return at summer's end, when the temperature is cooler, and the chocolates you purchase will arrive in good condition.

In the meantime, if you live close, come and see us in Marine on St. Croix!  We'd love to help you here in the shop at 11 Judd Street. Get directions >


A Day in the Life

By Andy Lien, Lavender Magazine, May 2017


Q: What inspires you? People who are really good at what they do; and people who aren’t, but put themselves out there anyway and learn from each experience. Also, fresh-squeezed tangerine juice is so good, it always reminds me to be grateful for the experience of being on Earth.

Q: Who are your heroes? My first hero was Joe Torre (who played for the St. Louis Cardinals when I was a kid). Also, Amelia Earhart, Melissa Etheridge, Chris Kluwe, and everyone who works to protect the environment.

Q: Favorite weekend activity? I like to hop on the garden tractor and mow the lawn. It makes me feel organized, visually calm, and industrious. Plus, I get to visit everything I planted (before I started the business, back when I had a real life) and see how it’s doing. Add some grilling to that, maybe a bonfire and a Bloody Mary, and I’m good.

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Join us for wood-fired pizzas

FridayS 5 pm to 9 pm & Saturdays 2 pm to 9 pm


There's something especially appealing about food from the wood-fired oven. It might be the sizzle as the shop-made pizza dough hits the hot bricks to cook. Or the way the smoke curls over the glowing coals. Or the way fire-roasted meat,vegetables and even crispy crust just seem to have more flavor. It's authentic. Dare we say, even, primal?

Each weekend, we feature four different pizzas, ranging from foodie-inspired combinations to classic flavors, and always including a vegetarian option. Each pizza is made from fresh ingredients when you order it . All our flavors go great with a glass of wine, beer or Coke.