Our Chocolate

There aren’t many things that please and delight in the way that chocolate does.

At St. Croix Chocolate Company, we’re committed to making fine, fresh, beautiful chocolates that surprise and delight our customers. We honor that splendid moment when the silky richness of chocolate transforms an ordinary instant into a special, time-stopping experience.

We start with some of the world’s best chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland and Venezuela. Inspired by the flavors of the seasons, we use local and organic ingredients in our imaginative creations. Every chocolate is hand-made from scratch, in small batches.

We invite you to taste the difference being local makes.

When we say we’re local at St. Croix Chocolate Company, we mean that we have a strong connection to the environment, the plants and animals that share it, and the people who take care of it. While it’s not possible to grow chocolate outdoors in Minnesota, we take great care to source as many of our ingredients from quality producers right here in the St. Croix River Valley.

Our cream and butter is from Crystal Ball Farms, an organic farm just across the St. Croix River in Osceola, Wisconsin. We get pure maple syrup from a family that has been tapping maple trees for generations — just ten miles from our shop in Marine on St. Croix. Mike Mackiewicz at Bone Lake Meadows Apiary produces our favorite honey. He practices chemical-free bee keeping on organically farmed land, orchards, and CSA farms.

In the summer, our chocolatier, Robyn Dochterman, keeps her eyes on the wild raspberries, blackberries and grapes growing near by. When they are juicy and bursting ripe, she picks them herself, makes her own purees, and uses them in chocolate confections.

Robyn also likes picking fruits and berries at Natura Farms, again just a few miles west of the shop. Natura’s abundant diversity of cultivars and commitment to ecological integrity always delight and surprise.

Ingredients harvested fresh in the morning often find their way into delicious confections by the afternoon.

Our chocolates are truly a work of art — and a labor of love.

Inspired by the seasons, our selection of chocolates in the candy case changes quite often. Around the holidays, we create edible chocolate centerpieces that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Please call the shop for a complete description of our current culinary creations at (651) 433-1400.