Our Chocolate

There aren’t many things that please and delight
in the way that chocolate does.

We’re committed to making fine, fresh, beautiful chocolates that delight our customers, and to having fun doing it!

At St. Croix Chocolate Company, we honor that splendid moment when the silky richness of chocolate transforms an ordinary instant into a special, time-stopping experience.

We start with some of the world’s best chocolate from Belgium, Switzerland and Venezuela. Then we make it even better, creating our truffle centers using fresh, organic cream and butter produced just across the St. Croix River in Osceola, Wisconsin, at Crystal Ball dairy. We use real vanilla beans, pure fruit, and natural flavorings. We even use honey from our own honeybees in our chocolates.

We take it one step farther than most chocolatiers. We layer flavors within each chocolate for twice the experience.

A layer of homemade caramel and a layer of pear jelly work beautifully together inside a milk chocolate shell. A layer of bright cherry and a layer of creamy dark chocolate ganache play off each other in a beautiful presentation that looks like art and tastes like heaven. A layer of rich, dark chocolate complements the airy delight of homemade marshmallow, like a steaming cup of hot chocolate, in one sublime bite.