It all started when...

...Robyn bought a 1947 firetruck on eBay. Oh wait. That's a different story! In this story, Robyn and Deidre left the corporate and nonprofit worlds to create fine chocolates in a tiny Minnesota town along the St. Croix River. This is a story about endings that led to a wonderful beginning.


Robyn Dochterman

Chocolatier Robyn Dochterman left a career in journalism to study fine chocolate techniques from top pastry chefs (okay, she was laid off during the recession, but it was about time she made a career change anyway). Using a balance of science and art, she creates award-winning confections that speak to the senses. Her creations are visually stunning with sensuous, and deliciously-dreamy flavors, and are well-reviewed and well-awarded.

Deidre Pope

Co-owner Deidre Pope left a career in the non-profit world to support Robyn on her culinary adventures. (Really, Robyn begged her to leave her desk job because she's an excellent administrator, and Robyn really needs all the organizational expertise she can get.) Deidre oversees operations and ensures a customer-centric experience is always a priority.


How a Journalist Became an Award-Winning Chocolatier

Robyn Dochterman loves a challenge. As a journalist, she spent her days chasing stories, managing content, and editing articles as a journalist and web editor for the Star Tribune, and then later as editor of a newspaper called Equal Time.The hours were long, but she found the work to be exciting, diverse, and rewarding.



A Day in the Life of Robyn Dochterman

What inspires you? Who are your heroes? Coffee, cream or no? If your job were like a yearbook, what would you be voted? Read Robyn's Q + A with Lavender Magazine to find out the answers to these questions and many more.


Pioneer Press

St. Croix Chocolate Company's goal? Make ‘time stop’ while eating chocolate

Chocolates carefully selected from around the world. Local berries and other ingredients inspired by the seasons. Pretty artisan chocolate creations. What’s not to love?


Small Business Revolution

St. Croix Chocolate Company

Robyn carefully watches the wild grapes, blackberries, and rhubarb grow along the paths, and then – no matter what weather conditions greet her – the chocolatier picks them when they are perfectly ripe..


Kare 11

KARE Saturday Feature (Video)

When Robyn Dochterman lost her job as a newspaper journalist, she decided to channel her creativity into starting a new career. And she didn’t have to look very far for some sweet inspiration: she’s a chocolate lover!


Make it MN

St. Croix Chocolate Company

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without tasty holiday treats. St. Croix Chocolate Company has whipped up an award-winning collection of delectable chocolate recipes from locally grown ingredients. Paired with a designers touch, their culinary creations are truly bite-sized pieces of art.


Heavy table

Birds, Bars, and Chocolate

The shop is busier than ever — especially when you consider the weekly trips to the Mill City Farmers Market so Minneapolitans can get their fix of hand-crafted bonbons — but Dochterman has been focusing on a new project all summer that unite three of her passions: chocolate, the St. Croix River Valley, and Wisconsin artist Laura McCaul’s artisan clay tiles.


Lavender Magazine

Making Sweet Love: St. Croix Chocolate Company

Even for those who have experienced fine chocolates from around the world, Dochterman offers something entirely unique–exquisite chocolate, inventive flavors and local ingredients, presented with such beauty that opening a box literally takes one’s breath away.



Finding Minnesota: St. Croix Chocolates For Valentine’s (Video)

“When you bite into a really good piece of chocolate, it should feel like … I really shouldn’t say this because it is dirty,” Chocolatier Deidre Pope said, with a laugh.