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Owner Robyn Dochterman is an award-winning chocolatier with 10 years experience running her own chocolate shop, specializing in bon bons and caramels. She’s studied under many of the world's master chocolatiers and can explain chocolate at any level, in ways that are deliciously accessible and fun!

Class open to anyone 10 and over. Maximum class size is 6 people.


September & October

Be a chocolatier for a day!

We'll meet in my private chocolate production lab, learn a bit about chocolate by tasting different chocolates, then dive right into chocolate-making activities. Guests will get to mix ganache, hand-roll chocolates, decorate molds with colored cocoa butter, demold chocolates, and run chocolates or pretzels through our chocolate waterfall, depending on what's in progress. We'll learn a little science and some art, too!

September & October

Make & Take: Chocolate Pumpkin

We'll meet in my private chocolate production lab, decorate a pumpkin mold using a variety of techniques including painting and stamping with edible, colored cocoa butter. Then we'll cast the mold in delicious dark chocolate. When it's set, we'll demold the decorated pumpkin and have a beautiful finished chocolate bowl and lid, perfect for filling with caramel or other treats. Students will take their own pumpkin home to display or eat.

From our class participants

“Just a wonderful experience into a world I knew little about. Robyn was very engaging. Excellent teacher. This experience, Robyn and St. Croix's chocolates are hidden gems in the St. Croix Valley.” —Sue

“This was an experience my 10 year old daughter will remember for a lifetime. This would be an awesome date, time with friends, or in our case a great way to spend time with our daughter. It was her favorite thing we did on the whole trip. It's well worth it, and I can't recommend it highly enough.” —Ryan


“Super fun and learned a ton about chocolate in a relaxed atmosphere. They were great hosts and kept us busy. Oh! And of course, you get to eat the results!” —Kirk


Thursday, October 3

An evening with Chef Jose Alarcon


Two seatings: 5:30 PM & 7:45 pm

Chef Jose Alarcon rose through the culinary ranks from dishwasher back when he was 18, to being named Twin Cities Eater's "Chef of the Year" in 2018. He is the chef behind two Northeast Minneapolis restaurants – Centro and Popol Vuh, which was a 2019 James Beard Award semifinalist for Best New Restaurant.

His technique is refined French, his inspiration is his native Mexico, and his specialty is open fire cooking, which is a family tradition for three generations.



Join Us for Pizza, Wine & More

FridayS & Saturdays 5:00 -8:30 pm


There's something especially appealing about food from the wood-fired oven. It might be the sizzle as the shop-made pizza dough hits the hot bricks to cook. Or the way the smoke curls over the glowing coals. Or the way fire-roasted meat,vegetables and even crispy crust just seem to have more flavor. It's authentic. Dare we say, even, primal?

Each weekend, we feature four different pizzas, ranging from foodie-inspired combinations to classic flavors, and always including a vegetarian option. Each pizza is made from fresh ingredients when you order it. All our flavors go great with a glass of wine, beer or soda.



The time has come for us to sell the building we love.

We have big plans for chocolate, but we’re not leaving Marine. We're revamping our production shop on Parker Street to handle new products and we'll still sell our chocolates there after the Judd Street building is sold. We are still serving wood-fired pizza every Friday and Saturday evening at the Judd Street location until a sale is complete. Read more >

Please help us find this iconic building a new owner who can give their full attention to pizza or other culinary adventures. See our MLS Listing >


Best Chocolate Bar

Great news! The International Chocolate Salon awards for Best Chocolate Bar were announced in June and St. Croix Chocolate Company won gold for both our entries: Peanut Butter and Wild Grape Jelly, and Lemon 'Spresso! Complete details at Read more >

award-white chocolate.jpg

Best White Chocolate

The International Chocolate Salon has announced winners of its annual white chocolate category. And St. Croix Chocolate Company won Gold for Best Taste and Best Texture! We entered a spring-inspired box that included customer favorites Passion Fruit, Lively Lemon, Coffee Malt and Apricot. Read more >